At Aceomatic we recommend regular servicing of your automatic transmission with the servicing frequency depending on the particular transmission and the type of driving you do. Vehicles that do a lot of stop start driving or towing will need more regular servicing than vehicles that are used under less rigorous conditions. For normal use we recommend every 2 years or 30,000km, while vehicles that use synthetic fluids have a longer period.

A service should consist of more than just a fluid change, servicing the transmission properly will start with a road test  by an experienced technician to check that the transmission is operating correctly. On computer-controlled vehicles a scan tool will be connected and the computer checked to ensure that there are no error codes recorded. On vehicles with a removable pan, the pan will then be removed along with the filter. The filter will be replaced with the old one being inspected for signs of debris that may point to a forthcoming failure. Any internal adjustments will be taken care of before the pan is refitted, a check on the rest of the drivetrain will be carried out at this time before the transmission is filled with the correct type of fluid and the level checked.

The vehicle will then be given a further road test to check operation and on units with a dipstick the fluid level will be rechecked.

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aceomatic transmission
aceomatic transmission


Modern Automatic Transmissions are complex and to successfully repair them you need to have the correct tools, the information and the expertise. At Aceomatic we have made the investment in tooling and information with our technicians attending training both in New Zealand and overseas. Successful repair depends on having access to both the equipment and the information to do the job. Our International Online membership of the USA based Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide (TRNW) along with membership of several other forums and organisations gives us access to both manufacturer and aftermarket information. We have also made the investment in the specialised tools and equipment to quickly and effectively repair your vehicle.

Often a fault that appears to be major turns out to be a relatively minor fault. This is why it is important to be sure of the fault before you consider replacing the transmission. At Aceomatic we will diagnose the fault accurately and then work with you to get you back on the road with a solution that best suits your needs. This may very well be a simple electrical fault or an in-car repair at a greatly reduced cost compared to a replacement or rebuilt transmission.

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Modern vehicles use sophisticated electronic systems to control the various aspects of operation. It is a fact that some vehicles have over 50 control units (computers) handling everything from the headlights to the braking system. Many of these control units are linked meaning that a fault in one system may affect others, for instance a fault in the engine may affect the operation of the transmission and conversely a fault with the transmission may affect engine operation.

The control units are constantly monitoring the performance of the components and if a fault is detected will often set a fault code. This may show up as a light or other notification on the dashboard display. To recover the fault will require connection to a computerised diagnostic tool called a Scan Tool. A scan tool will allow the technician to identify the fault code and start the process to identify the fault. At Aceomatic we have a range of scan tools to cover most vehicle types.

Of course, to repair modern vehicles we need to have access to reliable information. Aceomatic is an International Online Member of Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide (TRNW) as well as a member of several other organisations and forums. This gives our technicians access to both Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket information, so we have the information on hand to repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

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aceomatic transmission
aceomatic transmission


At Aceomatic Transmission Services, we have access to equipment that allows us to deliver an unmatched standard of workmanship. With one of the only Transmission Hot Flush Machines in New Zealand, we deliver a more efficient and effective transmission repair and service.

If your transmission fails, and with general wear and tear, debris and particulates can get lodged into your oil cooler / heat exchanger. After spending money on a new transmission, or rebuild, you do not want debris from an oil cooler that has not been flushed properly to cause another failure. Without a oil cooler Hot Flush Machine, other workshops use traditional cleaning methods. At best, they can only guess whether your oil cooler is clean or not. This can also save you money, as you do not need to replace the oil cooler after repairs.

However, at Aceomatic Transmission Services, with our access to an oil cooler Hot Flush Machine, we can attach our machine into your oil cooler and circulate heated transmission fluid to efficiently and effectively clean all the debris and particulates. The machine circulates the oil cooler with automatic transmission fluid that is heated to 170 degrees then reverses the flow for microsecond, and pulses compressed air. This creates turbulence! And ensures that all debris is removed and carried out with the fluid and caught in the hot flush machine filters.

We can also clean engine oil coolers / heat exchangers.

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The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is a belt driven transmission, this technology means the CVT Transmission seamlessly changes through an unending range of effective gear ratios while you drive, whereas other kinds of mechanical transmissions offer a fixed number of gear ratios and have what are known as hard shifts between each.

When CVT transmission’s where first developed parts were not available and so the only solution when the transmission failed was to replace it with another unit.  Things have improved in this area and parts are now available for most of mainstream CVT’s. Aceomatic has access to all components of a CVT transmission along with the expertise to successfully service and repair them.

The DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) are installed in many European vehicles.  DSG gearboxes bring together the benefits of a manual type gearbox with automatic shifting. The DSG has a double clutch which speeds up the gear changes and results in faster gear shifts.


Servicing and repairing these transmissions are more complex than a traditional automatic or manual gearbox and must be performed accurately and thoroughly using specialised tooling and expertise. Like most later model transmissions, the DSG relies greatly on its electronics. Aceomatic has the latest diagnostic scan tools required to ensure accurate diagnosing, servicing and repair of your transmission.

Aceomatic are proud to ensure that we are up to date with the latest software, tools, training and information, meaning that our customers can be sure their transmission is in expert hands.

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aceomatic transmission