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Servicing your Transmission

At Aceomatic we recommend regular servicing of your automatic transmission with the servicing frequency depending on the particular transmission and the type of driving you do.  Vehicles that do a lot of stop start driving or towing will need more regular servicing than vehicles that are used under less rigorous conditions.  For normal use we recommend every 2 years or 30,000km with vehicles that use synthetic fluids having a longer period.

A service should consist of more than just a fluid change, servicing the transmission properly will start with a road test to highway speeds by an experienced technician to check that the transmission is operating correctly.  On computer-controlled vehicles a scan tool will be connected and the computer checked to ensure that there are no codes recorded.  On vehicles with a removable pan the pan will then be removed along with the filter.  The filter will be replaced with the old one being inspected for signs of debris that may point to a forthcoming failure.  Any internal adjustments will be taken care of before the pan is refitted, a check on the rest of the drivetrain will be carried out at this time before the transmission is  filled with the correct type of fluid and the level checked.

The vehicle will then be given a further road test to check operation and on units with a dipstick the fluid level will be rechecked.