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Overhaul and Repair

Modern Automatic Transmissions are complex and to successfully repair them you need to have the correct tools, the information and the expertise.  At Aceomatic we have made the investment in tooling and information with our technicians attending training both in New Zealand and overseas.  Successful repair depends on having access to both the equipment and the information to do the job.  Our International Online membership of the USA based Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association along with membership of several other forums and organisations gives us access to both manufacturer and aftermarket information.  We have also made the investment in the special tools and equipment to quickly and effectively repair your vehicle.  

Often a fault that appears to be major turns out to be a relatively minor fault.  This is why it is important to be sure of the fault before you consider replacing the transmission.  At Aceomatic we will diagnose the fault accurately and then work with you to get you back on the road with a solution that best suits your needs.  This may very well be a simple electrical fault or an in-car repair at a greatly reduced cost compared to a replacement or rebuilt transmission.