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Modern vehicles use sophisticated electronic systems to control the various aspects of operation.  It is a fact that some vehicles have over 50 control units (computers) handling everything from the headlights to the braking system.  Many of these control units are linked meaning that a fault in one system may affect others, for instance a fault in the engine may affect the operation of the transmission and conversely a fault  with the transmission may affect engine operation.

The control units are constantly monitoring the performance of the components and if a fault is detected will often set a fault code.  This may show up as a light or other notification on the dashboard display.  To recover the fault will require connection to a computerised diagnostic tool called a Scan Tool.  A scan tool will allow the technician to identify the fault code and start the process to identify the fault.  At Aceomatic we have a range of scan tools to cover most vehicle types.

Of course, to repair modern vehicles we need to have access to reliable information. Aceomatic is an International Online Member of Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) as well as a member of several other organisations and forums.  This gives our technicians access to both OE and aftermarket information, so we have the information on hand to repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently.